Dairy Free Chocolate Chips 500g (Sussex Wholefoods)




Dairy Free Chocolate Chips for Baking

  • Contains 45% cocoa solids.
  • Retain their shape even in baking.
  • Contains less cocoa butter than typical baking chocolate.
  • Use in cookies, muffins, pancakes and sweet breads.
  • Top desserts, ice cream and hot drinks with cream as decoration.
  • Add into breakfast options, such as muesli, porridge and yogurt, for a sweet treat.
  • 500g.

Our chocolate drops are small chips of dark chocolate produced from the highest grade cocoa powder. When baked these will retain their shape, making them the perfect dairy-free baking option for numerous recipes that require chocolate drops or chips.

Use our dairy-free chocolate drops in cookies, muffins, pancakes or even in breads for an added sweetness. These can also be used for recipes that do not require baking, such as decorating or topping various desserts and ice cream instead. Sprinkle on top of fruit salad for a little treat or add into your morning muesli or yogurt.


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